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Do You Know What's Beneath The Surface?

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The Lotus plant has been around for ~135 million years. The radical biology of the plant gives it unparalleled success thriving in adverse ecosystems – growing flawlessly from beneath murky waters. Business environments are often equally as murky, with strategy and decisions based on manipulated or incomplete data, dysfunctional alignment, and unconscious perceptions or inherent biases. Leading Lotus helps companies cultivate sound and purposeful business directives using a unique methodology that harmonizes data and logic with intelligent intuition to create the highest level of clarity during decision making. The outcome is to deliver long-term, sustainable and responsible growth with an authentic alignment to your purpose and culture.

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Data & Logic

Rational approach uses intentional and calculated analysis to study information and weigh options, in hopes of achieving an outcome best suited for the occasion. This traditional approach to decision making relies on immediately available and accurate information. Technically, this approach removes emotion from the process, as one looks at information objectively

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Perception & Intuition

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning and is derived from experience. Over time, an individual’s actions, successes and failures, including the emotions and feelings that were triggered during those events, are subconsciously collected and compiled to be used for future patterns in life.

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Decision Strategy

Clear and unbiased decision making is one of the greatest challenges many organizations and leaders face, particularly in critical times of change or uncertainty. The revolutionary Leading Lotus methodology leads companies through a highly interactive, collaborative process to harmonize instinctive knowledge with rational data – balancing perception, emotions, biases and intellect.

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Diversity Inclusion

Leaders are increasingly under pressure to incorporate greater diversity into various aspects of the business. Leading Lotus can guide companies as they strive to mindfully interweave diversity into their organization not as a one-time initiative, but as a long-term mindset and innate company culture.


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Did you know the Leading Lotus Methodology is backed by extensive scientific research? Learn more about that and hear from other thought leaders in our Knowledge Center.

Case Studies

Learn from other Leading Lotus clients what's worked and what did not when it comes to making decisions and incorporating diversity into various organizations.


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