Using Data Responsibly and Intuition Intelligently

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While businesses can identify, and manage the “known possibilities”, it is the “un- known unknowns”, that can set off a massive curve ball, disrupting good business strategies. A great strategizing methodology not only withstands these surprising “black swan” events, it can also keep a company’s value intact.

Introducing our Methodology

The Leading Lotus engine powers the delivery of sound reasoning. The methodology is designed based on voluminous research in the field of behavioral economics, predictive dysfunctions, organizational and people psychology in judgement, intuition and decision making, including limitations of cognitive capabilities.

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The Foundation of the Engine

There is polarity in decision making styles that leads to discords and misalignments among people, as well as within ourselves. It does not matter if we love making quick, snap, intuitive or rationally deliberated thorough decisions, as long as we know the common traps of operating from one mode to the other and correct them before making judgements.

The Leading Lotus methodology guides all participants, whether you are a leader, an individual contributor, an expert or a beginner, to understand how they react and create meaning in all that is presented to us, to make clear decisions with an absolute awareness of the outcomes, and consequences. It does this by reducing the fallacies from thinking intuitively while deciphering data responsibly. We would all like to be absolutely, 100% right, all of the time. The wonderful irrational world, though has plans for us to work harder at that notion by creating possibilities with uncertainties.

The Outcomes from the Engine

The Leading Lotus methodology essentially adopts a "flushing out" technique and guides you through your cognitive processes to ensure we:


Challenge your understanding of the decision point


Increase accessibility to unbiased intellect in critical and intuitive thinking


Unify data and intuition responsibly and intelligently for elevated decision making


Take our introduction assessment to kick start your understanding of decision making traps and cognitive biases. Explore your understanding of the perceptions and biases that color your own cognitive processes and have the ability to hinder your decision-making.