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Brain Myths vs. Facts

Our brains are one of the most valuable possessions we have and we have it for free. But how much do you really know about your Brain? Take the quiz!

Decision Making Style - Part 1

People import their general styles into decision making in any situation they are faced with. Understand your cognitive response so you can limit your pitfalls, biases and harness your mind's strengths.

Decision Making Style - Part 2

Take this survey to understand how you make decisions. Decision styles change over time or from decision to decision. Being aware of our common traits help to prefect our styles while eliminating the noise in the decision making process.

Know your biases - Chapter 1

Understanding how cognitive bias works will allow you to take advantage of triggers and act quickly, create explanations or meaning, make sense of large amounts of information, and determine what’s important to recall.


We all generally make meaning out of everything to hold value in our lives. How we process situations, events and information depends on how it impacts this deep need for meaning. In this survey we explore the effects of our need to know and make meaning of everything.


It's easy to get appalled at how naturally biased we humans are, with our 180+ types of bias triggers in our thinking process. In this chapter, we explore the effects of our need to be constantly right and right, right now.


In this last chapter, we'll focus on the need to remember. This need can make our minds play tricks on us. If you feel like you are losing your memory, sometimes it's our mind that chooses what to remember.

Analytics Gap Assessment

Take this assessment to question yourself about the data or analysis you are constantly relying on in order to better understand any limitations on analytics and hence decision making.

Requirements Assessment

There are a lot of consulting models and process to diagnose your requirement. However, most management approach miss out asking the hard questions to understand what the question itself is. Leading Lotus has developed in-depth methods to guide clients to clarity.

Guide: How Leading Lotus Can Help

Whether you are seeking to make decisions for a large scale strategy or a small impact project, Leading Lotus can be essential to your requirements for achieving clarity in a variety of important business areas.

Guide: Polarity in Decision Style

Leading Lotus has adapted the Polarity Management Tool by PACT™ , to demonstrate how there are two interdependent, diametrically opposed, right answers, using either gut instincts or deliberate rationalization, with negative impacts if not managed properly.

About our Experience and Assets

This downloadable document provides more information About the Founder, Selected Client and Industry Experiences, Company Assets and Tools, Our Assessments, Collaborations and Alliances.


This downloadable document provides more information about the Leading Lotus Story, Methodology and Client Experience.