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Leading Lotus strives to be an innovation center, providing thought-provoking and progressive research, articles and case studies to organizations. The intention of the Knowledge section is to pull together the collective brain power and core experiences of key individuals across industries, eras and continents. We hope to deliver a unique base of content centered around providing businesses and individuals with greater clarity and sustainable solutions.


Using Data Responsibly and Intuition Intelligently

Intuition is a crucial component of our human cognitive capacity, both professionally and personally. Combining it with data is even more powerful.

Leading from the Mud and Beyond: About the Lotus

In existence for over 135 million years, the Lotus grows in the murkiest of muck, rising above the water with giant, pristine and showy leaves and flowers.

Welcome to Leading Lotus

Leading Lotus aspires to cultivate sound and purposeful business directives for companies striving for long-term, sustainable and responsible growth.

Surveys & Tools

Brain Myths vs. Facts

Our brains are one of the most valuable possessions we have and we have it for free. But how much do you really know about your Brain? Take the quiz!


People import their general styles into decision making in any situation they are faced with. Understand your cognitive response so you can limit your pitfalls, biases and harness your mind's strengths.


Take this survey to understand how you make decisions. Decision styles change over time or from decision to decision. Being aware of our common traits help to prefect our styles while eliminating the noise in the decision making process.

News & Events

Uma Gopaldass Clears the Way for Intelligent Decision Making

Leading Lotus guides clients through their choices — picking apart their biases, fears, and interpretations of data to clear the way for intelligent and unbiased decision making.

Leading Lotus Attending TEDxMileHigh: Wonder Event

TedTalk Mile High's WONDER event assembles the most fascinating people in town for seminars and other interactive experiences.

Uma Inducted into 2017-2018 NAPW VIP Woman of the Year Circle

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) honors Uma Gopaldass as a 2017-2018 inductee into its VIP Woman of the Year Circle. She is recognized with this prestigious distinction for leadership in entrepreneurship.

Case Studies

Optimizing Data in Decision Making

This case study covers how to prevent biases in data and avoid pitfalls in decision making.

Overloading Employee Cognition

This case study shows how employees in misaligned roles are cognitively challenged when making decisions.

The Polarity Between Intuitive vs. Rational Decision Making

This case study demonstrates how there are two interdependent diametrically opposed right answers.