Welcome to Leading Lotus

Welcome to Leading Lotus

As the founder, I am delighted to introduce Leading Lotus and its novel approach to be effectivein decision-making, strategizing and incorporating diversity mindfully into your organization.

The core of the company is to elevate the strategizing and decision making process for our clients through a guided methodology that harmonizes cognitive processes of rationality with the unconscious triggers of percepts and intuition.

These essential cognitive elements are debunking customary practices based purely on data analytics and traditional consulting approaches, that yield mediocre or disjointed result.

Our Purpose

Leading Lotus aspires to cultivate sound and purposeful business directives for companies striving for long-term, sustainable and responsible growth, with an authentic alignment to purpose.

Leading Lotus uses a unique technique harmonizing percepts, intuition and rational cognitive approaches to align decisions and strategies to the natural order of an organization’s values, assets and architecture.

We deliver core solutions in decision-making and diversity effectiveness.

Leading Lotus Methodology

Making clear decisions, is one of the greatest challenges faced by many organizations and leaders, particularly in current times of change and uncertainty. The global dynamics is unravelling complexities that cannot be solved by applying yesterday’s knowledge.

These circumstances are causing cognitive overload in your organization:

  1. We are faced with colossal uncertainty in an ever-changing socio-political world with environmental concerns, rapid advancements in technology and disruptive innovation, that makes assumptions fast lose their ground
  2. Organizations and people are getting disconnected to their base values, as we continue massive trend in “human removed” communication and outdated managerial practice
  3. We are unable to keep current with the tsunami of data that floods us on a daily basis from our back, front, remote and virtual offices.
  4. Not to mention the new faces of threat, like cyber security and political discords, are causing anxiety at all levels

Opportunities are fleeting, and often comes at a high price or risk, while issues are harder to predict or tackle.

As a strategy and direction advising firm, Leading Lotus harmonizes your data and logic with perception and intuition. This process allows you to move from indecision to decision with the highest level of clarity, integrity and purpose.

The outcome? An enhanced ability using intellect in both intuitive and critical thinking, with an authentic alignment to goals, purpose and culture.

The Lotus Focus© Methodology

While businesses can identify, and manage the “known possibilities”, it is the “unknown unknowns”, that can set off a massive curve ball, disrupting good business strategies. A great strategizing methodology not only withstands these surprising “black swan” events, it can also keep your company’s values intact

Leading Lotus’s methodology is designed based on voluminous research in the field of behavioral economics, predictive dysfunctions, organizational and people psychology in judgement, intuition and decision making, including limitations of cognitive capabilities.  Take our assessments to learn more.

This methodology adopts a “flushing out” technique and guides you through your cognitive processes to ensure we:

  1. Challenge your understanding of the decision point
  2. Increase accessibility to unbiased intellect in critical and intuitive thinking
  3. Unify data and intuition responsibly and intelligently for elevated decision making

What do we do best?

  • We bring integrity and clarity to long-term and healthy outcomes
  • We question logic by reframing data to provide new perspectives
  • We guide you through mindful reasoning - addressing experiential, perceptual and rational biases
  • We address "change phobia" head-on, and look honestly at human happiness within an organization
  • We remove the “cookie cutter” approach used in traditional management consulting practices
  • We challenge and activate your cognitive processes to spark critical thinking
  • We bring global, business and scientific thought leadership together to provide a holistic perspective
  • We maintain the highest level of values in ethics and in serving others
  • We activate the authentic mentality - driving decisions with honesty and clarity
  • We fill in the gaps where false assumptions cloud our decisions

The Lotus Inspiration

No one escapes the inexplicable beauty of a Lotus in real life. Visually, it represents everything calm, spiritual and beautiful, in an eco-system that is characterized by the words “murky”, “mucky” and “muddy”. Yet, symbolic reverences can be traced into ancient cultures and religions, as far back as 5000 B.C. The modern take of this phenomenon is no small representation either. Just google “spas”, “yoga studios” and “spiritual tattoos”, and you will be visually struck with Lotus designs.

The Lotus Flower

Even big corporations were not spared. The famous formula race car manufacturer named it, Lotus Car. And for those who remember the Lotus Software, 1-2-3 Spreadsheets and Lotus Notes, what a pioneering technology that was back in the days.

So, what makes it worshipped timelessly. The answer lies in its ability to out-maneuver the environment that it grows in.

Leading Lotus shares three core values with the plant:

  1. The self-sustaining plant has been thriving for over ~135- 145 million years in difficult, unpredictable environments. The unprecedented resilience and longevity of the plant are key characteristics any successful business aspires to achieve and maintain. Leading Lotus provides a unique providence in making mindful and sustainable choices that are timeless and organically inspired.
  2. The radical biology of the plant gives it an unparalleled ability to grow flawlessly, high above murky waters. Every business is faced with uncertain situations, challenging decisions and volatile environments. Often these situations or business decisions are resolved using unclear, contaminated or unreliable data. Leading Lotus aspires to create clarity in murkiness, and to naturally align decisions with a company’s core values, growth objectives or desired culture through the integration of intellect in intuition.
  3. The Lotus is an inclusive, symbiotic organism that stimulates diversity in an aquatic environment. It is a rich food and mineral source to all lifeforms. It provides shelter in the shared habitat, and it can remarkably generate heat like warm-blooded animals to support pollinating insects. Similarly, the Leading Lotus methodology allows businesses and communities to thrive by interweaving diversity into the organization as an innate culture.

Modern day lessons:

Humans thrive when faced with adverse situations, learning to our betterment, as we navigate through it. Whether you are a person, a business or a society, we seem to become wiser and pursue positive change by wading through hardships than we do during times of joy. This parallels the Lotus’s motivation to get out above the bog, and to become a success naturally. 

The Lotus does this with amazing finesse and a delicate grace. From the Lotus, we can learn to progress from our rut, with dignity and calm assurance. Modern day life sciences use this approach to harness the alignment of positivity with big potential. It teaches us to attain a balance in our lives and our minds with higher knowledge.

If anything at all, the basic premise of the Lotus is to inspire and awe.

For more about the Lotus, check out the article LEADING FROM THE MUD AND BEYOND: ABOUT THE LOTUS