Corporate Alignment

Leading Lotus Corporate Alignment

Organizations always operate as if they are a mechanical institution with emotionless protocols and a buffet of bureaucracy when in reality, it is an ecosystem with a delicate balance of design and culture.

Take the chaotic world of any business, large or small, and you will find internal power struggles of unspoken expectations versus written employee policies.

“Who put the rut in Corporate.”

Organizations are stuck in the same operating pattern that yields mediocre results. Company culture drives most of these organizational patterns, and it becomes a problem when:

  1. The culture is misaligned to its foundation like purpose and structure.
  2. The culture is conflicted or convoluted driving bad decisions and poor execution.
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Saying one thing, while expecting a different behavior is called lip service. Unfortunately, it is all too rampant in organizations these days from office policies to office politics. The greatest source of productivity comes from employee job satisfaction. That is simply being told the truth, to operate honestly and with integrity.

“An organization’s success is driven by its purpose and design, and executed by a great culture.”

Unclutter your company culture and design

Organizational culture can make or break your company’s ability to be profitable and reputable, in spite of a great design.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Similar to how the iceberg ate the Titanic before breakfast, there are deep underlying cultural factors that can destroy even the most well planned out strategies.

The most significant misalignment comes from an internal misinterpretation or misrepresentation of company culture at various levels of its hierarchy. Leading Lotus uses a “strive” versus “pressure” model to align company mindsets to their purpose and exact requirements, avoiding costly and toxic programs.

Corporate alignment with “Strive vs Pressure” approach

Most organizations face pressure to focus their resources on immediate financial gains vs. long-term growth, while unknowingly lip servicing high-quality intentions internally and externally. Leading Lotus Corporate and Cultural alignment program fixes these discords between expectations and reality to create cohesiveness in an organization’s culture and foundation.

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