Breaking Biases

Leading Lotus Breaking Biases

Being human and effective may not be complimentary, especially as you think how flawed our perceptions and assumptions can be.

Now add the dizzying world of nine living generations, a multitude of gender, political, and social preferences with an amplified information portal. What you get is a “skittles spectrum.”

“A brainy workforce does not mean an effective workforce. (ahhhh..chootesla!)”

Individual and diverse minds (i.e., nine living and five working generations, sixty-three types of gender, “five-ish” types of political views, X types of social classes, XX types of educational qualifications, XXX number of nationalities, and…) make up an organization. So, how do you maintain cohesiveness while taking advantage of these minds?

If you want to build an effective and productive workforce, you have to develop cohesive minds. The truth is, we have a lot more commonality than diversity. Our human body and brain suffer from the same types of illnesses and tragedies, regardless of our upbringing. And holds on to same kinds of biases and emotions, regardless of our societal differences. So, there’s your cohesiveness. Celebrate the similarities, and embrace the differences in experience, opinion, and judgments.

Start with your brain and manage your mind, thoughts, and biases.

“Have you ever felt that your mind has a mind of its own?”

Our brains are hardwired to operate automatically, letting our bodies preserve energy for other critical operations like breathing and flowing blood through the veins. It has an infinite capacity for memory and processing clarity, and yet it takes shortcuts. If 96% to 98% of our thoughts are subconscious, meaning we operate on autopilot daily, what are we unconsciously putting out there in reality? It is what we allow our brains to do automatically, that creates or limits us from success or failure. Understanding how your brain operates can save you time, money and energy (and from pain).

Trials of a triune brain

The battle of the brains or “the heart vs. the head” conflict is as real as the three levels of evolutionary cognition we use to tackle life with.

Our “Breaking Biases” methodology combines behavioral and neuroscience to assess and train employees in conquering their biases and handle conflicts with positive critical-thinking. Whether it is a strategic project, planning meeting or running day-to-day operations, individuals are challenged to think fast and act fast. If the mind is biased, and it certainly is, the outcomes can be quick, wrong or detrimental.

~180 Biases and still counting

So, we are wired crazy as neuroscience is revealing and triggered emotionally, irrationally as behavioral science is exposing. There are about 180ish types of biases in the way we think to-date. And newer ones are being studied as we grasp with modern concerns and generational differences. It is no wonder why our mind is struggling to cope rationally, both in personal and professional lives.

Breaking biases is awareness of your mind

Leading Lotus program summarizes the 180 types of biases into four core conflict areas to quickly catch our brains from wondering into a fog. Our diagnostics will identify and reset the minds using a holistic program of assessments, workshops, training, and coaching. Align your team and manage conflicts in your organization with our Breaking Biases program.

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